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1.- Main Altar and Altarpiece
2.- Chapel of Our Lady of “El Carme” and the “Dolorosa”
3.- Chapel of the Immaculate Conception and Saint Nicholas of Bari
4.- Chapel of Our Lady of Fatima with Saint Placid and Saint Antony of Padua.
        Relic of Blessed Josefina Sauleda
5.- Baptistry
6.- Chapel of the Holy Christ and Our Lady of “Miseicòrdia de Reus”
7.- Saint Joseph’s chapel.
        Our Lady of “la Mercè”
8.- Chapel of the Holy Heart of Jesus with Santa Rosa of Lima and Saint “Joan de Déu”

        Our Lady of Guadalupe
9.- Chapel of the Holy Christ of Balaguer.
        Our Lady of tears
        Gothic portal (14th century)
        Access to the columbari
10.- Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament


Parish of Sant Ramon de Penyafort
Rambla de Catalunya 115
08008 Barcelona
Telephone: +34 932 150 237



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